Educational Videos

Before Thatching

After Thatching

Demonstration of Hand Thatching
What is Under a Man's Yard
Do Not Use Annual Grass in Seattle
Do Not Sand After Lawn Aeration
How to Apply Peat Moss
Grass Seed Types
Lawn and Landscape Advice Around Shaded Evergreen Trees
Use Zero Annual Grass
Aerating Tired Old Soil
Undesirable Grass Seed
Aeration Video 2
Aerating New Sod on Compact Soil with drainage issues
Example of Sheet Mulching
Failing Sod
Topping Evergreen Trees
Aerating and Thatching around Evergreen Trees
Lawn Aeration in Bellevue
Dry Spots
Repairing a Chemically Damaged Lawn
Mulching Mowers
Summer Thatching in Bellevue
Grass with Lawn Rust
Aerating Lawn with Different Microclimates
Disposing of your Dead Newly-Sodded Lawn in Seattle
Lawn aeration on ecologically sensitive area
Double Lawn Aeration
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